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4 Common Causes Of Headaches That Keep Coming Back!

Are your family activities, work, and social life being ruined by agonizing headaches?

And is it something you have to deal with every single week?

If so, we appreciate that you’re frustrated and desperate for a solution that doesn’t involve pills.

Regularly suffering from headaches can wreck your life, with the pain during a headache, and the constant fear and anxiety about when it’s going to come back.

It’s exhausting to live like this – but there is a way to stop this!

Headaches can be caused by lots of reasons, and in this blog, we share 5 of the most common reasons your headaches keep coming back.

4 Of The Most Common Reasons Why Your Headaches Keep Coming Back

Is Poor Posture Causing Your Headaches?

Your poor posture could be the root cause of your recurring headaches.

Posture is an integral component of your daily life; from the way you posture yourself while sitting and standing to even how you sleep, you may be inadvertently creating tension in your spine, neck, and shoulders. If your spine remains misaligned, this tension is likely to cause recurring headaches that radiate throughout the back of your head and neck. With regular adjustments and realignment, however, you can rid yourself of these discomforts.

This type of headache is notably distinguishable by its throbbing pain radiating from the base of your skull, and lightning-like electric shocks in your forehead.

Posture headaches can be caused by extended periods of time spent in one position, such as sitting at your desk for hours. To combat and reset the tension built up from this stationary posture, take a break every now and then throughout the day to go for a short walk! This will help you release stress while realigning your body’s natural posture so that future headaches may be avoided.

Stress Headaches

Stress can be a huge factor in your headaches, and without addressing this stress, they will keep coming back.

Think about it – After a hectic day at work, tackling the school run, or just one of those days where you feel like you’ve got an endless list of jobs to get done, headaches often strike, right?

Although stressful situations are part of life, try to improve your ability to cope with these events by keeping calm, staying in control, and taking time for yourself when you need it.

Everyone is different, but activities like deep breathing, meditating, listening to your favorite music, or taking a hot bath can help you unwind. A bath is especially useful for relaxing the tense muscles and in turn, relaxing you so your headaches can go away and stay away!

Massage can also be an incredibly powerful way to relieve muscle tension in combination with improving your stress management, and we have expert massage therapists at our Mellwood and East End clinics who can help you.


Can Lack Of Sleep Cause Headaches?

In short – yes. A lack of sleep can cause headaches, and poor-quality sleep where you are getting broken sleep can cause headaches. This could be another big factor that keeps your headaches coming back.

We all need good sleep as this allows our bodies to rest and recover, both mentally and physically.

Headaches can make it difficult to get to sleep, but if you are suffering from a terrible headache, do your best to prioritize your sleep.

To get the best sleep, make sure that your sleeping position is optimal. This means you’re in a comfortable position, and your neck and shoulders are in good alignment.

A supportive pillow and mattress can also really improve your sleep quality, and reduce headaches from a lack of sleep.

Tension Headaches

The final common cause of headaches is muscle tension. This is when muscle tension in a specific part of your body tricks your brain into thinking the pain is coming from your head.

This is most common with stress headaches which are usually caused by tense muscles in your shoulders and neck and as you guessed, are brought on by stress.

Another form of headache that comes from muscle tension is a TMJ headache. TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint and this is the joint that connects your lower jaw to your skull. When you experience muscle tension in this area it can cause headaches that feel like they’re coming from your temples.

Often, you may not even know if you have a TMJ headache because the pain is characterized as feeling like a “normal” headache.

However, the pain from this kind of headache doesn’t have to be exclusively felt in your head. The pain can spread into your face and is often accompanied by a clicking jaw or tightness in your face.

Want To FINALLY End Your Headaches Without Relying On Pills?

The first step you need to take is to decide that you need to do something different – because what you’ve tried before hasn’t work.

It’s left you annoyed, disheartened, and feeling a little hopeless because your headaches keep coming back.

But we appreciate it can be confusing, with so much conflicting advice out there.

That’s why we are offering a limited number of Free Headache Analysis appointments with one of our specialist physical therapists.

In this free appointment, you are given time to explain how headaches are harming your happiness – something you rarely get at other healthcare providers – and you can get clarity on the best treatment options so you can make the right decision for your health.

Think about it…

Is it such a bad idea to speak to a physical therapy expert for free, when you’ve spent months, if not years, trying to stop your headaches from coming back without success?

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