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Focus Physical Therapy Telehealth Service

Video-based physical therapy appointments at a time and location to suit you.

If you're stuck at home for any reason or want to save time on traveling to and from physical therapy appointments, our telehealth appointments are perfect for you. We treat you quickly and effectively – with advice, expert guidance, and therapeutic exercise instruction – via video link from your home or office.

Get Effective Treatment Without Stepping Out of Your Front Door

Would you like to talk to a physical therapist and get expert treatment for your pain and discomfort without leaving home?

It might seem too good to be true. Especially if you've been in pain for a long time or you're what physical therapists and other healthcare professionals before us refer to as a "difficult case." But the difficulty is our specialty. We successfully treat many patients like you who haven't been able to find relief via telehealth appointments and cure their pain without ever meeting them in person.

Yes, really. 

Please complete the form below to book a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about the service and how we can help you. When we receive your form, we'll get in touch to confirm a date and time that works for you.

Click play to hear Brad Condor explain how he can fix all kinds of pain and discomfort using telehealth technology and video-based appointments.

Focus Physical Therapy Telehealth: FAQs:


How does Telehealth Physical Therapy work?

Our telehealth appointments work the same way as our traditional physical therapy appointments. You meet with a physical therapist who will identify the root cause of your pain and work with you to fix it. The only difference is we're (obviously) unable to perform manual adjustments and provide hands-on therapy. But in most cases, this isn't necessary. We can treat you from the comfort of your home.


Who is video-based Physical Therapy for?

Our telehealth appointments are suitable for anyone who would prefer not to travel to the clinic. This preference could be due to mobility issues, childcare (even though children are welcome at the clinic), work commitments, or the distance between you and our clinic.

They’re suitable for all patients with internet access via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you’re unsure whether we can treat your issue via video appointments. Don’t worry. We offer all new patients a free 30-minute consultation to check your suitability.


What happens at a Telehealth appointment?

Our telehealth sessions run in the same way as our in-clinic appointment. We begin by chatting through your medical history and your current symptoms and talk you through specific movements that allow us to diagnose your problem. Then, we create a personalized treatment plan that we work through with you over a prescribed number of sessions.

Not Sure Whether Telehealth Physical Therapy is Right for You?

Talk to a Physical Therapist

If you’ve been in pain for a long time and visited multiple different doctors and therapists that couldn't help you, it's understandable that you might be hesitant about trying more treatment, especially via telehealth therapy. However, let us put your mind at rest. You can book a completely free consultation with us to determine whether you're a suitable candidate first – with zero financial investment or commitment to book further treatment.

Just click the link below to book your free call.

Free Discovery Visit

Unsure about physical therapy or if we are the right fit for you? We are pleased to offer a free,  “Virtual Discovery Visit”. Think of this visit as an intro-session for you to meet us, try out the process of a telehealth appointment, tell us about what is going on with you, get some expert insight into what is going on, and see if we may be a right fit for you. Click the button to learn more.

Inquire About Cost & Availability

If you feel confident that this is the direction you want to go and that we can help you, please fill out this brief form and tell us exactly how we can help you. The more we know, the better we can help you get relief, get a plan, and get back to the things you love . . . Just click to continue

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Low Back Pain

I can still stay at home and I can see a doctor. I mean, how can you beat that? I think everybody should go to this. I think everybody should use it. I'm active, I'm doing the things that I love to do. So I thank you very much.



Low Back Pain

I really did think that the only solution that I was gonna have was gonna be surgery. By trying to do these these teleconferences each week, once a week, or sometimes twice a week, kinda motivates you a little bit better to be able to actually get better.




What I've experienced here, I would definitely say that it's changed me, the way I move, the way I live. I wish I would've found this 20 years ago. It just wasn't available to me back then. I really feel that this has made a huge change in my life.

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