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“We cannot cure Fibromyalgia. BUT if our therapists and team can help you to find a healthier baseline where you're not affected by pain or discomfort daily - you may find yourself living a happier, hopefully, and healthier lifestyle.”

What to expect from physical therapy for Fibromyalgia?

What can you expect from Focus Physical Therapy when we are trying to help you with pain, discomfort or fitness while having a diagnosis of  fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia has been around for many years, and Focus Physical Therapy is proud to have helped many people that suffer from this diagnosis. We hate that people have suffered at all, but we feel we have been blessed to have the opportunity to help. We do understand  it’s a very, very difficult condition. And if you are diagnosed with this ailment, we understand that you may be very sensitive to a lot of movement.

When someone is sensitive to exercise, we find you are sensitive to almost every form of movement. And it can be very frustrating because finding a professional that can understand what you may be feeling is difficult. Fibromyalgia is also a hard diagnosis to prove because there is truly no diagnostic test for it. With that being said – what can you expect from a physical therapy practice when you come in for potential treatment with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia?

At Focus Physical Therapy our therapists take a lot of time to provide individual care with our clients. This is very important when you have a condition that can be very irritable like fibromyalgia. With this ailment it can present that when you do a small bit of movement or activity you can have an increase in pain. This can cause a mental block on even attempting to move, try therapy or even continue therapy.

Our therapists perform a gentle evaluation, gentle manual therapy, and work with you through constant communication to make sure what we are doing is not painful or causing any discomfort.  We take the time to work slowly and make sure you are getting relief where and when you need it.  Once your therapist has developed a relationship with you and knows what can help you the most; we can create a care plan together including future exercise and movement that works best for you and helps you meet your goals. 

Our goal is to not allow fibromyalgia take over your whole life or keep you sedentary. Our goal is to  keep you moving freely and without frustrations. If you’ve had a negative therapy experience before, oftentimes it’s because it may have been too aggressive, or the therapist doesn’t take the time to understand what is bothering you as an individual. Focus Physical Therapy has a unique ability to take the time to understand you, your goals and what can hurt if pushed too far. It is something we’ve found is  a unique experience with physical therapy..

Difficult conditions like fibromyalgia CAN improve! There isn’t reason to give up hope.  Our therapists want to help you get your life back.  Though this can take time we want to give you a solution that is going to last a lifetime.

How does physical therapy help someone with fibromyalgia?

Focus Physical Therapy wants to perform gentle manual therapy techniques and take an individualized approach to make slow and steady progress.

At Focus Physical Therapy we’re uniquely qualified to perform these techniques, whether it’d be dry needling,  massage, myofascial release, or even joint mobilization.

With a diagnosis of fibromyalgia our therapist works to provide a treatment in a way that we are able to be gentle and not push our clients too far or too fast. Our therapists treat one client at a time. We are not seeing multiple people or leaving someone to perform their movement, exercise or stretches without supervision..

Focus Physical Therapy can take time with you, make sure you understand the techniques that feel good to improve mobility, improve flexibility, and most importantly –  improve pain control.

A final insight we can provide is helping you learn how to move your body in a pain free manner. There are situations with fibromyalgia when any movement can be painful. Or you may experience a latent effect of pain or soreness after you do some exercise. It is important if your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle or active lifestyle to have movement and possible exercise. Our goal is to assist you through that pain where you can make progress, get stronger, become more flexible, and have a healthier baseline.

Unfortunately – we cannot cure fibromyalgia. BUT if our therapists and team can help you to find a healthier baseline where you’re not affected by pain or discomfort daily – you may find yourself  living a happier, hopefully, and healthier lifestyle.

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