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Neck & Shoulder Pain

End Neck And Shoulder Pain, Naturally – Without Surgeries, Pain Pills Or Steroid Injections

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Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Is it your neck, or is it your shoulder? It's hard to tell, right? Well, guess what. Just to confuse you. It might be both. In fact, it probably is both because the neck and shoulder are best buddies – when one is in trouble, the other one compensates, and vice versa.

But what that symbiotic relationship does mean is that your neck pain could be a shoulder issue – like a labral tear or the early stages of a frozen shoulder. Conversely, your shoulder pain could be a compressed nerve or herniated spinal disc in the neck. The pain is being referred to your shoulder.

You see, the thing is, we're all human, but no two humans are the same. Our bodies are intricately complex, and under the hood, we’re often wired up quite differently from our neighbors. As a result, pain manifests differently in almost every patient. The trick is knowing what the look for to track the pain signals and dysfunction back to the root cause.

But the bad news is that you've probably spent hours trawling Google for at-home treatments and remedies for neck pain when you have a shoulder issue. Or, likewise, walking around with a shoulder strap on to ease the pain when the problem is your neck.

That's why you need a professional to connect the dots and find the true source of your pain.

We know how painful neck and shoulder can be – and how it can make you miserable. There is no relief – because even lying down can be uncomfortable when you have neck and shoulder pain. Then there's the cracking, grinding, or searing pain every time you look over your shoulder or lift your arm.

You can only get to sleep when you're super-tired and exhausted, and your body finally gives in. Otherwise, it's sleepless nights tossing and turning, trying desperately to get comfortable and find a position that doesn't make everything feel much worse. And, when you get up in the morning, it takes an hour or two just to free up your neck and shoulders from the stiffness of sleep.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. NECK And SHOULDER PAIN is one of the most common pain problems we see at Focus Physical Therapy. But, things can only (and will) get better. We help patients just like you beat neck pain all the time.

All these patients ask us the same questions:

Why Me?”...

“Why Do I Still Have Neck Pain After 6 Months?”...


“Why Hasn’t It Gone Away?”

We get it. It’s tempting to ignore Neck and Shoulder Pain and hope and pray it'll go away. But guess what? It rarely does. Most of the time, it gets much, much worse. If you've been in pain for more than a week already, the chances of your neck and shoulder pain resolving on its own are slim. In our experience, things can and do get much worse if you leave it to chance.

Have you had back, neck, and Shoulder Pain for seven days or more?

You've probably already seen a medical doctor if you answered yes to this question. Right? But they sent you away with a prescription for Advil, rest, and more days off work, along with a half-hearted invitation to come back and see them if things don’t improve.

In fact, you’ve probably already been back to see your MD because you’re STILL in pain, and they gave you an even stronger prescription for pain pills and more unhelpful advice to rest and take it easy. Except you can't take it easy because you're in pain, and you want your life back – the life you loved before the pain started.

Does that sound about right?

As Physical Therapists who successfully treat Neck and Shoulder Pain every day, we find this scenario incredibly frustrating. We know that you don’t have to waste your life in pain –popping pain pills just to get through the day - suffering the negative health consequences. There is so much more we can do. Don’t wait. This advice is counter-productive and can lead to more severe problems further down the line.

But why am I still in pain?

There are so many potential reasons why your neck and shoulder pain is lasting so long. But the most important thing we want to say is don't look to the internet or your friends and relatives for a diagnosis. So many people online and in our social circles like to offer unsolicited medical advice. But, in most cases, it isn't credible – sometimes even dangerous, and it's usually based on their experience, not your specific set of symptoms and medical history.

You’re probably jumping to conclusions yourself about the source of your Neck and Shoulder Pain – especially if it isn't something obvious like an injury. But, then, you're blaming yourself – for that time, you were overly ambitious in the gym or slept in an awkward position. Or maybe it’s just your age, right?

But the actual cause could just be weak shoulder muscles or lack of mobility in the neck that has developed gradually over time due to poor posture and lack of movement. So we help you find the root cause – so you can stop guessing.

Are you still wondering why your neck and shoulder pain is lasting so long?

Here are Our Top 6 Reasons Why Your Neck and Shoulder Still Hurt:

  • You ignored it and hoped it would get better. Nope, it got worse.
  • You followed your MD's advice to "rest and take Advil." Now, you have a stomachache from the pills, and the bed rest made your neck and shoulder muscles even stiffer.
  • Your old Aunt, work buddy, or a well-meaning healthcare professional said, “it's natural for everything to hurt when you get older." So, you sucked it up and got on with it as best you could.
  • You tried generic neck and shoulder stretching exercises you found on YouTube. But they didn't help, and your pain worsened.
  • You tried sports, Swedish, lymphatic drainage, and hot lava stone massage. But all they did was leave a big dent in your checking account - providing only mild pain relief and a fleeting feeling of relaxation that lasted about 20-30 minutes.
  • You tried herbal muscle rubs, ice packs, heating pads, foam rollers, and magnesium spray. But you got a rash, ruined your bedsheets, AND lost hundreds of dollars.

Do any of those sound familiar?

Just click the link to book your complimentary call with one of the Focus Physical Therapy Team. Don’t worry. There is zero financial investment required on your part and absolutely no obligation to book treatment after the call. We’re just here to connect you with the help you need.

But What Can I Do To Ease My Pain Now?

If you want instant advice on what to do to ease your neck and shoulder pain, here are the action steps we recommend:

  • First up, make a promise to yourself to get help. It's not going to get better on its own, so don't wait another six months– things could be much worse by then. You’ll wish you got it fixed sooner. Instead, commit now to booking a Free Consultation with us to find the root cause of your pain.
  • Next (if your pain is mild enough to do so), we recommend you start a daily practice of therapeutic stretching exercises. However, it’s no good just picking a video on YouTube. You need to do the right exercises for your specific complaint, your current mobility level, and your presenting set of symptoms. For that, you need an evaluation by a physical therapist so they can prescribe a set of exercises for you – to prevent further injury or a worsening of your symptoms.
  • Get movingOne of the worst things you can do for low back pain or other chronic pain is to be inactive. If you don't regularly move throughout the day, all your muscles and fascia (connective tissues) become stiff and rigid, worsening the pain. So instead, take a daily 30-minute walk outdoors. Keep your body moving and ensure that detoxifying and anti-inflammatory blood and oxygen flow freely to your back and the rest of your body.
  • Get Physical Therapythe standout and scientifically-proven way to treat neck and shoulder pain is with physical therapy. We help you reduce pain and improve the movement and function of your neck, shoulders, and body as a whole. So you can feel fitter, more fluid, and able to get back to sports, socializing, and whatever else you love doing.

So, what are you waiting for? If you would like to learn more about how the Focus Physical Therapy team can help you get out of pain quickly and leave you feeling better than you have in years, we recommend you come visit us at one of our Louisville clinics for a 100% free Low Back Pain Consultation.

Don't forget. There is no hard-sell afterward. We're not here for that. We just want to connect you with the right help for your low back pain. If that's us, great. We're more than happy to refer you to the right specialist if it's not. But we're confident we'll be able to help you and find the root cause of your low back pain, often within 20 minutes.

How We Get Rid of Your Neck & Shoulder Pain

When you choose physical therapy at Focus Physical Therapy, this is what you get:

  • First, we quickly identify the source of your pain and explain how we'll fix it.
  • We know you probably haven’t been sleeping and that the pain has been stealing your energy. But as early as after your first session, you can look forward to sleeping soundly through the night again.
  • We don't just fix the problem and send you on your way. Instead, we educate you on posture and therapeutic exercises to do at home to prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future.
  • We help you ditch the health-sabotaging pain pills by treating the root cause of your neck and shoulder pain. We don’t just mask the symptoms. We fix the problem at the source.
  • We keep you off the surgeon's table and prevent you from ever needing invasive treatment, opioid painkillers, or painful injections.
  • We also keep you out of the doctor’s office, so you don’t need to keep going back for prescription meds. You won’t need them anymore.
  • We help you get your life back without canceling plans because your neck or shoulders are hurting again. Instead, you'll be the one making plans.

Are you ready to say goodbye to neck and shoulder pain?

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