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Does Your Child Have Scoliosis and Want To Avoid Surgery?


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"Patients are often given the “wait and see” approach when diagnosed. Unfortunately, this results in fewer options for intervention, depending on severity of curvature."


Primary Benefits and Goals of our Program Include:

  • Orientation to “what is scoliosis” and rationale for exercise
  • Dos and don’ts of everyday life – school, sports, work, etc.
  • Exercises to encourage 3-D movement control and posture correction
  • Hands-on care for massage and joint mobilization
  • Incrementally challenging exercises to build endurance and counteract the curve
  • Training in breathing mechanics to help the spine and improve vital capacity
  • Bracing consultation and fitting as recommended
  • Stop or reduce curve progression
  • Prevent or treat spinal pain syndromes
  • Diminish Functional Limitations
  • Learn how to manage the effects of scoliosis







Before and after photos of our Exercise Based Scoliosis Program with a 15 year old female.

The program focuses on maintaining scoliosis curves.

Patients scoliosis curves can regress with exercises that promote realignment of the spine. We offer these exercises at Focus Physical Therapy!

The amount of MISLEADING, FALSE, and even DANGEROUS information on the internet related to scoliosis treatment is frankly alarming.

It is important to ignore these "magical quick fixes" you find on the Internet. Inform yourself about the different treatment options and stop wasting precious time. A quick decision will make all the difference to your child's health.