At Focus Physical Therapy we follow the CDC guidelines regarding covid-19 policies.

Are You Looking for a Physical Therapy Clinic in Mellwood?

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Parking Tips and Visit info

  • Main parking at Mellwood Art Center is across the street from the main entrance to the Mellwood Art Center Courtyard.
  • When walking toward the Main Entrance you will want to walk up the street on Delmont Toward the Stop Sign.
  • Do NOT go into Mellwood Art Center, you won't find us;)
  • Once you start walking up the street you will see the Focus Physical Therapy sign outside.
  • Go Up the ramp and into the double doors.
  • Keep going straight - do not turn right down the hallway
  • There are signs that lead you into our clinic.
  • WATCH YOUR STEP when you get to our clinic.
  • You can come in and get comfortable 😉 Have a water or snack and have a seat.
  • We will be there to greet you!
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Focus PT Treatment
Focus PT Treatment
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