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Is Knee Pain Affecting Your Lifestyle?

Knee Pain

Do you ever have knee pain, knee pain right in this area, or right along the joint here, on the sides, kind of just general knee pain? Well, if you do, you found the right spot because we're here to help that. We see a lot of knee pain, and a lot of times people are confused about really what's going on with their knee that caused this. It can be a variety of things as far as things you've heard of like a kneecap problem, a patella problem, tendonitis, a meniscus issue, or arthritis. A lot of those things happen to a lot of people, and those are things that we're specialized in to really help.

So, how do we help that? Well, a lot of times people feel like when they get a knee problem, they need to go out and do a bunch of testing, MRI, and X-ray. Not that those things are bad, but physical therapy can take care of a lot of problems that people don't realize. If you do have a meniscus issue or arthritis, physical therapy has been shown in research, to be just as effective as getting you where you wanna be as far as exercise or running as it is surgery.

Knee Pain
Knee Pain

So, how we cover things at Focus Physical Therapy is that we do three main things that is comprehensive to really get your knee where you want it to be. You have to do a good evaluation. Again, all the things I just mentioned, range of motion, manual muscle testing, how does the knee work, how does it work doing the things you want to do? If you don't know what's going on as far as how it works, when you get an MRI, or if you get an MRI, it doesn't show you the full picture. You gotta know how the knee is working, those deficits and those things are what's gonna clue us in how to get you better. You can actually do a lot of manual therapy techniques as well.

So, it's the second part of us getting you better is doing some manual therapy techniques to actually get the knee to feel good. Some simple things make it have more range of motion, have less pain, and have less swelling. Swelling control is really big with knees because you gotta be able to get it stronger. So, after we do some of the manual techniques, then we also have a good exercise progression. Knees are super important to have a good exercise progression, because really, what happens with the knee is that it gets weak from your injury, or whatever happened to it. And if it can't tolerate the simple things you wanna do, it tends to flare up a lot. And we gotta be able to manage that. And what I tell my patients is, "We have to get you strong enough. If you wanna be able to run or exercise here, but you're only strong enough to do this, we have to get you there. And it takes time, but you can get there. You gotta do it the right way as well. You can't just go out and do a bunch of weighted squats and get there. You have to start in a certain way to get your knee and hips in line together. And they kind of work both together." And we're equipped to give you that pathway to get to where you wanna be. 

So, I'm glad you found us, but you can get there with your knee pain. Hopefully, you can reach out to us, and we can give you some more answers to some of your questions. So, some ways you can get a hold of us. You can get a free discovery visit, if you want, to meet with one of our great therapists that specializes in these types of chronic hard knee problems. So, you can give us your contact information, and we'll reach out to you, and give you a free visit. You can also call us at (502) 509-3136. And you can also email us, too at So, hopefully, this helped you out a little bit. We look forward to seeing you. We can help knee pain without surgery, without pills, just be patient with it. It can be work, but we can get you there. Hopefully, we can see you soon and get you to where you wanna be. See you soon.

Knee Pain Tips

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Dr Brad Conder

Dr Brad Conder

Dr. Brad Conder is the owner of Focus Physical Therapy. He is board-certified in orthopedic physical therapy and has been a practicing physical therapist for 12 years. Brad has experience in outpatients orthopedics, industrial onsite medicine, hospital physical therapy, and home health physical therapy. Brad got his physical therapy degree from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and his doctorate in physical therapy from Regis University in 2007. Dr Conder’s primary experience is in outpatient orthopedics, and he has a particular interest in manual physical therapy, including dry needling, Maitland style manual techniques, and industrial onsite medicine.
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