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The 4 Best Ways To Fix Your Back Pain This Summer!

During the summer, many of us are preparing for an active couple of months.

Whether that’s a day of games with the kids, a big family vacation, or a hike with your partner.

However, when suffering from chronic pain, more times than not you will find yourself making excuses to avoid embarrassment.

This means you’re not only missing out on the joys of summer but also core memories for you and your family.

You may have given up on your recovery but our team at Focus Physical Therapy hasn’t!

This blog aims to broaden your understanding of your back pain and discuss your options for the future.

You equally deserve to enjoy yourself this summer.

Why Isn’t My Pain Improving When It Has For Others?

Chronic pain is described as a pain or discomfort that lasts longer than six months or the typical time for recovery.

Most back pain sufferers manage their pain incorrectly, which is why it can be so strong and last for so long.

Some of these incorrect techniques include;

Bed Rest
Bed rest has long been thought to be a good form of treatment for chronic pain, but that is simply not true.

Not only does it not help reduce the amount of pain felt, it can actually have a negative effect on overall wellbeing.  You become socially isolated and mentally exhausted, making you more prone to anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, being in bed all day can lead to reduced muscle strength and poor posture, both of which will make your pain worse over time.

Also when trying to get out and enjoy the summer, it’s not very helpful to stay in bed the whole time!

Unfortunately, a lot of people who experience chronic pain end up needing painkillers to get by.

Although these medicines can be beneficial in the short term, they frequently cause long-term harm. Painkillers don’t address the underlying source of your pain; they merely treat the symptoms.

This will eventually result in a higher tolerance for painkillers, as well as a higher chance of addiction and other negative side effects.

Summer Fun (Without the Fun)

Summer is a time for laughter, late nights, BBQ’s and games with the family.

However, do you find yourself stuck in a chair afraid to get up or travel because of your excruciating back pain?

In our clinic, we have found you’re not alone.

For most patients, the summer months are spent avoiding friends or family because of a paralyzing fear of not keeping up or embarrassing yourself.

Sound familiar?

Imagine, not being able to play catch with your child because your pain is too great. Some people don’t have to imagine.

Your child shouldn’t be questioning your love for them because of your back pain.

Before you know it the summer is over and with it the opportunity for fun with the family.

It’s amazing how many of us will put up with back pain for so long, without ever trying different treatment techniques.

If your car was leaking oil, you wouldn’t put up with it just because it’s done a lot of mileage, you’d take it to a garage!

Your back pain should be no different.

Luckily our Physical Therapist Team specializes in this field and can provide tailored advice on how to best treat your symptoms for good.

At Focus Physical Therapy we have helped thousands of patients for years, kick the vicious cycle of a pain filled summer.

You shouldn’t have to worry about taking part in games with your kids or planning a trip.

Put yourself first this season!

To get started we are offering a limited number of spots for a Free Back Pain Assessment.

You will receive individualized advice on how to naturally treat your back pain at the root cause and significantly reduce your pain if not eliminate it completely.

Simply click the link below.

FREE Back Pain Assessment

Make The Most of The Summer!

Want to understand the source of your pain? fixing it permanently? Thousands of people have done just that at Focus Physical Therapy.

Get back to your favorite summer activity or make the most of a vacation with friends and family.

You deserve to enjoy yourself this season and at the moment back pain is holding you back!

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