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The 4 Best Ways To Fix Your Back Pain This Summer!

Looking forward to outdoor activities this summer? But scared of missing out due to agonising pain that won’t go away?

Did you avoid your favorite activity last year because of the risk of embarrassment?

Looking for more than just painkillers to fix the pain? Ready to get to the root of the problem?

Back pain can often become even more uncomfortable during the Summer. With many of us carrying extra sports equipment or luggage for our summer vacation.

In this blog, you will receive expert advice that will prepare you for the best summer yet!

Back Pain and The Effect on Summer Activities

Back pain can be a serious burden during the summer months, making it difficult to participate in outdoor activities.

Especially for those with chronic or recurrent pain!

Mild to moderate activities such as walking, biking or swimming may become too uncomfortable and exhausting. That means missed opportunities for outdoor fun and adventure that make summer special!

Starting to feel like there is no hope?

Identifying the root cause of your pain is super important if you ever want to get back to a worry and pain free lifestyle.

That’s why we have put together the 4 best strategies to help manage your pain this summer!

1 – Plan Appropriately

If you are getting organised for an outdoor event with back pain, it’s important to plan ahead.

Take into account the activities you will be doing and the where they will be taking place.

The best option for controlling temperature during outdoor activities is to wear light clothes. Too much heat can make your pain even worse.

In order to help chill down and minimise inflammation, ice packs are also advised.

2 – Avoid Triggers

Keeping a diary can help track any factors that could be triggering your pain.

Identify and avoid any foods, or environments that tend to exacerbate your symptoms.

This could mean limiting exposure to bright lights or hot temperatures if they make your pain worse.

Taking part in activity during the coolest parts of the day is a great way to stay active without exposing yourself to the higher temperatures.

3 – Find the Right Activity For You

The key is to find activities that you enjoy, which will motivate you to keep moving.

With a bit of creativity, it’s possible for anyone with chronic back pain to have an enjoyable summer.

Consider taking part in team sports such as badminton, volleyball or softball. This can help you stay fit and have fun with friends without putting too much pressure on your back.

It may take some trial and error but the rewards are worth it! Being able to participate in activities that make the most of the summer months is a great way to stay physically and mentally active.

4 – Speak with an Expert

If you continue to struggle with your pain this summer, you must seek expert advice!

Our team of Physical Therapist’s will be happy to advice you on the best ways to manage your condition.

We can offer individual guidance on how to control and lessen your symptoms so you can take advantage of the upcoming summer months.

Make The Most of The Summer!

Want to understand the source of your pain? fixing it permanently? Thousands of people have done just that at Focus Physical Therapy.

Get back to your favorite summer activity or make the most of a vacation with friends and family.

You deserve to enjoy yourself this season and at the moment back pain is holding you back!

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