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3 of Our Favorite Upper Neck Stretches!

Working Out Is Hard

It can also really hurt sometimes. With the new year, we’re all trying to push ourselves to improve. This means trying to start getting more active, getting more mobile and trying to commit to a healthier routine.

When you start doing new activities, it is perfectly normal to have pain. What makes it hard to commit is the uncertainty about whether or not your pain is something to be worried about. This is often what slows us down and causes us to lose sight of our new year’s resolutions and goals!

My main suggestion when you’re starting a brand new exercise routine is to keep going! Even if you hit speed bumps, that’s okay. It’s good to modify your routine if needed because the habit is more important than anything else right now. Oftentimes, people start exercise and one of the main reasons they stop is due to injury. That or they’ve had a previous injury that gets flared up. All we’re trying to do right now as you start out is create a realistic habit. Start the habit of working out, start the habit of being healthy and keeping active. Begin this promise to yourself with a positive and optimistic mindset. If obstacles come up, you can fix them! It’s never bad enough to quit. Even if you have to modify things a little bit and do something lighter, don’t give up.

If You Do Not Have An Injury Or Pain, We're Here To Help!

Take advantage of your resources that you know you have, like physical therapy. If you need a tune-up, if you need our free advice, come in for a free discovery visit, come in for a free tune-up. Make sure you get the information you need to be successful. One of the top reasons people will stop exercise is because of pain, and that’s what we’re here to help! Just remember that it’s normal to have pain when you work out and it’s normal to have a flare up of past injuries when you workout. You want to make sure to take care of it, while remembering that it’s a normal part of the process. Don’t let it hinder your healthy habits. Don’t let it keep you from your goals.

We’re always here to help you meet your goals. We know you’ve got this! Happy New Year!