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Welcome to Sciatica Month!

Low back pain and sciatic issues that run down the leg are a large number of the diagnoses that we see here at Focus. When it comes to sciatica, what we want to do is distinguish whether or not you are flexion-based. This means, do you have more symptoms when you bend forward and when you’re sitting? Or are you extension-based? Do you have more symptoms when you’re standing or walking? Which one makes your symptoms worse? That’s where we usually start our evaluations because we then want to work on improving that range of motion and getting your symptoms down.

When addressing sciatic issues, we actually tend to go into the area that you don’t have symptoms with. Say you have pain with walking. We’re going to start with a lot of flexion-based activities, because we want to get your body out of this extension irritation so that you’re able to then get the symptoms down. After that, we can work on getting your motion back and get you back out and walking.

If you have questions or if you want to come and see us, we offer a free initial appointment called a discovery visit. Once you come in, we can give you an exam, talk through what’s going on and get you back to your life.