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MagnaWave: PEMF Therapy

Hello, Dr. Brad Conder, and here I’m here today to demonstrate a new device that we have to help people with healing. This is called a pulse to electronic magnetic field therapy. This is our MagnaWave device that we have been able to get to help people with healing.

So what this is, is you can hear it kind of beeping right now.

A little bit is that we actually have these coils that kind of work through this machine to kind of give electronic electromagnetic field through the localized area of where your pain is. So it’s great for arthritis, great for tendon problems, great for just general healing of all the things we’ve seen the spine as well.

So I wanted to demonstrate a couple of things. So I do have this mat set up right now that where all we have to do is, is come in and just literally just lay down on it, and there’s rest, right? Now what the mat’s doing is it has coils inside of it, and actually for the spine in particular I actually feel some muscle contraction coming through my whole spine. Just real gentle, and really all you got to do is lay here and enjoy it, okay? Now we also have other coils say like this butterfly coil, so if someone has a knee arthritis or knee arthritis. Knee pain, we can put that around your knee, or we can put it around your ankle, or we can put it around an elbow, and try to help with healing of hard healing, tenonopathies, hard healing, arthritis, things like that, and also do it for the shoulder and for the neck as well.

So if you would like a free session, a free trial of this inventive healing machine give us a call. Let’s call it 502-509-3136. All you have to do is schedule an appointment for this come in for 25 minutes. It’s a free trial, see what you think, and it can definitely help the healing process quite a bit if you have a difficult healing condition. And if you’re a current patient of ours, you get a couple of free sessions, and if you know anybody that would like to try it, they can also just try it for a free session as well.

So, hope to hear from you soon about our pulsed electronic magnetic field therapy. It’s, it’s called PEMF by Magnawave, and we have this available for our patients to kind of help you with chronic conditions, arthritis, tendon problems, things that are hard to healing. It’s a great addition to our practice to hopefully get you better, get you back to what you want to do as soon as possible. Hope to see you soon. If you have any questions, call us at 502-509-3136 or look us up on

Thank you.

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