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Running Tips That Everyone Should Know

Are you an active person in Louisville who loves running, working out, and staying fit?

Have you been dealing with lower back pain for months or even years and are sick and tired of being told to take pills or rest?

Do you worry that your back pain will worsen, leaving you unable to exercise or keep up with your family and friends?

Well don’t worry; there is hope, and we share 6 natural ways to help relieve lower back pain after exercise.

6 Natural Ways To Help Relieve Lower Back Pain After Exercise

Stretch Out Those Tight Lower Back Muscles

Stretching is one of the best things you can do for lower back pain relief after exercise. Try doing a few stretches before running or a workout session to warm up your body so it’s ready for activity.

Afterward, focus on stretching the muscles around your hips and spine as this helps reduce tension in your back. Additionally, foam rolling can be beneficial for relieving tightness in your lower body muscles.

Don’t Forget To Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps keep your body hydrated which is essential for healthy muscle function. If you don’t drink enough water while exercising, it can lead to muscle spasms which cause more back pain in the long run.

Make sure to bring a water bottle with you when exercising so that you stay properly hydrated throughout the day!

Get Physical Therapy To Cure Lower Back Pain After Exercise

Physical therapy is a natural, drug-free form of relief for those suffering from lower back pain.

It has been proven to help reduce pain and improve mobility, flexibility, and strength in the back muscles, allowing active people in Louisville to stay fit while dealing with their back issues.

Hundreds of back pain sufferers who’ve visited our Mellwood and East End clinics are proof of that – even people who’ve been told by doctors to accept it and that their back pain is just a part of getting old.

If you’ve tried to treat your back pain at home previously, and haven’t noticed any long-term improvement, the best step is to call us on 502.509.3136 and get started with a Free Back Pain Analysis.

Think about it…

Is it such a bad idea to speak to back pain specialists for free, when you’ve spent months, if not years, trying to figure it out on your own?

Improve Posture To Ease Strain On Your Lower Back

Improper posture can cause strain on your lower back muscles leading to increased pain levels when exercising or engaging in other activities like sitting at a desk all day long at work or school.

Make sure to practice good posture throughout the day by standing tall with shoulders pulled back and chin slightly tucked down — this helps alleviate pressure from the spine as well as helps build strong core muscles which provide better support when exercising or engaging in other activities like carrying heavy objects around town!

Take Breaks Whilst Exercising

Taking regular breaks from exercise is important because it gives your body time to recover from any physical activity that may have caused strain on your lower back muscles during the session; make sure not to push yourself too hard while working out because this often leads to more severe levels of pain afterward!

Yes, we know that you like to train hard and work up a sweat and that’s great. But if you’re vulnerable to lower back pain flaring up, be careful not to go too far beyond your capabilities.

Listen closely to what your body is telling you — if something doesn’t feel right then stop immediately because continuing could lead to further injury down the line!

Put An End To Your Lower Back Pain After Exercise

If you’re struggling with lower back pain and can’t exercise without discomfort, stiffness, or aches, there is hope!

To find the most effective ways to fix your lower back pain, and finally put an end to the reliance on painkillers, our team is here to help.

Right now, you can arrange a completely Free Back Pain Analysis with a back pain specialist at Focus Physical Therapy by calling us on 502.509.3136 or completing our simple webform.

Due to extremely high demand at our clinic, we can only offer these Free Back Pain Analysis appointments to the first 7 people to contact us.

Lower back pain doesn’t have to mean giving up on being active and living an unhealthy lifestyle—there are lots of natural methods that are proven effective at relieving chronic lower back pain after exercise so that you can continue living an active life without fear of worsening injuries or needing medication!

We hope these tips help improve not only your physical health but also your mental well-being as well — having less chronic lower back pain means having more energy and motivation for everyday activities including leisurely activities like taking walks with family or playing sports with friends!

P.S. – We also offer free telephone consultations so you can speak to a member of our expert team from the comfort of your own home.