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I Thought It Was Better... But Then It Came Back

One of our most frequently asked questions about back pain is

“Am I going to have this forever?”

This is asked very, very often and, depending on the injury or the degenerative changes that you have in your back, determines whether this is a short-term or a long-term issue.

Most back issues are going to end up going more towards the long term. If you were to take an x-ray of my spine, you’re probably going to see some bulging discs and some arthritis. I get a back tweak every once in a while and I also stretch myself out. I look into my core, make sure it’s firing correctly and that helps resolves it. It’s really how you manage your back issues that’s the big thing.

Keeping up with maintenance exercises stretches massage and physical therapy to make sure that everything is working and nothing’s getting tighter will keep the spine from collapsing down on itself again. This would cause you a an acute flare up to or even progress things greater in the future. The more compression you have pushing down on your spine, the more arthritis and the less motion and space you’re going to have in your spine. Compression on the nerves ends up causing a lot more pain.

Chronic issues can be helped with an active lifestyle and maintenance therapy to help keep everything moving the way they should move so that you don’t have those irritations.