Renee Poirier ( PT, DPT )

Physical Therapist

History & Education

Dr. Renee Poirier has worked as an orthopedic physical therapist since graduating from the University of Dayton Physical Therapy School in 2009. For the past nine years, she has treated many orthopedic issues with great emphasis on the spine.

Renee is certified in trigger point dry needling and trained in Maitland, Mulligan, and Greenman manual techniques. She also has experience in home health, with chronic issues from weakness, lack of mobility, and surgeries.

Dr. Poirier enjoys working with patients on returning them to primary goals and activities. She specializes in treating scoliosis patients with Focus Physical Therapy by using an exercise-based program to limit curvature progression and reduce the risk of surgery. We use this program with adults as well as adolescents.

Family and Hobbies

Renee is from Columbus, Ohio. Once she graduated from high school, she moved down to Kentucky. She decided to attend the University of Kentucky for her undergrad. Renee then went to the University of Dayton for physical therapy school. She moved back to Louisville following her graduate program. She has grown to love the Louisville community and enjoys the restaurant scene, and all that Louisville offers.

Renee has two kids, Grant and Marie, and a wonderful husband. They have a little lab named Charley, whom they love dearly. Renee has been an avid horseback rider since the age of 10. She competed for the University of Kentucky and gets the chance to ride "Paddy" when busy mom-life allows.