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Understanding and Managing Scoliosis: Expert Insights from Dr. Brad Conder

Scoliosis, a condition characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine, is a topic that often leaves people bewildered. To shed light on this common but misunderstood condition, we reached out to Dr. Brad Conder, the owner of Focus Physical Therapy. Dr. Conder, a seasoned expert in the field, shared valuable insights into scoliosis in adults and how it can be effectively managed.

Understanding Scoliosis:
My name is Dr. Brad Conder, owner of Focus Physical Therapy, and today we’re talking about scoliosis. Okay, so a lot of times people are confused about what scoliosis kind of is and what you can do about it.**

Dr. Conder begins by emphasizing the need for clarity when it comes to understanding scoliosis. Scoliosis is often a misunderstood condition, and misconceptions can lead to unnecessary anxiety. Dr. Conder’s expertise in the field allows him to provide a comprehensive view of the condition.

Managing Scoliosis in Adults:
In adults, it’s one of those things where you can’t fix it, but you can manage it really, really well. And if you’ve gotten to an adult where you have scoliosis, if you feel like that’s your primary issue, it’s usually not, it’s usually other problems.**

One of the first myths Dr. Conder dispels is the belief that scoliosis in adults is untreatable. While it may not be curable, it is highly manageable. Scoliosis in adults is often accompanied by other health issues, and it’s crucial to address the root causes and associated problems.

Treatment Approaches:
Even if it is, we can kind of help you through activity modification because we’re going to pretty much treat your scoliosis just like we do other typical spine-related problems, which is manual therapy. We try to improve the motion of each individual joint as much as we can to make sure you have as much motion as much as you can; that will help you with any pain you might be having due to scoliosis. Also, we will be able to do exercise modification, just actual exercise suggestions for you in general. And then lastly, activity modification because sometimes there’s some things with scoliosis you don’t want to be doing, and you need advice from an expert to do that.**

Dr. Conder highlights the multifaceted approach to managing scoliosis. Manual therapy, focused on improving joint mobility, plays a crucial role. Additionally, exercise modifications tailored to the individual’s needs and activity modifications to prevent exacerbation of symptoms are key components of treatment.


How to Seek Help:
So if you would like to find out more about scoliosis and how you can actually help it as an adult, give us a call at 502-509-300. Talk to you soon.

Dr. Conder concludes by extending a helping hand to those seeking more information or assistance with scoliosis. Whether it’s a phone call or a visit to their website, the team at Focus Physical Therapy is ready to provide detailed insights and personalized treatment options to ensure that individuals with scoliosis can lead full and happy lives.

Scoliosis, though often shrouded in confusion and misconceptions, is a manageable condition. Dr. Brad Conder’s expertise and insights shed light on the importance of understanding scoliosis, managing it effectively, and seeking professional help when needed. Remember, living a fulfilling life with scoliosis is entirely possible with the right guidance and support.

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