We Provide Expert Physical Therapy Services

Expert level orthopedic physical therapy starts with a thorough evaluation. Physical therapist are able to identify all musculoskeletal deficits and limitations that cause pain or might lead to injuries. You will walk away knowing exactly what condition you are dealing with and how to return to all things you love.

From the evaluation we will be able to start treatment that will include the most up to date manual treatment techniques, education and guidance starting therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular reeducation exercises to activate weak or damaged muscles and use of any modalities such as ice, heat, ultrasound and electrical stimulation as needed. By the end of the treatment episode you will have the confidence in your ability to take care of your body.

We have experience with wide range of diagnoses and conditions. Your needs are always our top priority and we will be able to provide all the answers to your questions and concerns.

Products/Services we offer:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Trigger point dry needling
Manual physical therapy
Joint mobilization and manipulation
Myofascial release and soft tissue massage
Augmented soft tissue mobilization
Physical therapy therapeutic exercise prescription
Neuromuscular reeducation
Custom Orthotics
Chronic pain
Spine treatment