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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

You Can Get RELIEF and ANSWERS from the Comfort of Your Home!

These Virtual Telehealth PT Visits We Offer Are Helping 100's of People in Kentucky Get Back On Track While In The Comfort of Their Homes

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Can Focus Physical Therapy Actually Help Me?


Yes! Reason #1: We Are Trained In Physical Therapy Techniques That Specifically Aim To Make TeleHealth Even Easier To Translate Over Video

We’ve trained in a new technique called ‘Total Motion Release.” We will be utilizing this to make our telehealth services that much more useful to patients. You can learn more about this technique at https://totalmotionrelease.com/tmrhome 

This is a physical therapy technique that will translate fantastically over video and help our patients tremendously. 


Yes! Reason #2: We Customize Your Treatments

The second reason why you should choose us is because everyone gets a different treatment. This means no two people are the same, so they shouldn't receive the same exercises or treatments.

Doing your PT online works in the same way as PT in my clinic: 

1. I talk to you to find out exactly where the pain is 

2. I tell you what is going wrong 

3. I tell you what to stop or limit doing 

4. I show you the exact things (exercises etc.,) that you should be doing 

I guide you through those exercises so that you can be confident you’re doing them right (and not making things worse) 

5. You instantly feel better having the peace of mind knowing that nothing is seriously going wrong 

6. We re-book the next session for the following week and I reassess, congratulate you on your progress and then progress the recovery by giving you new things to do 


Yes! Reason #3: We Fix the Root Cause & Not Just Your Symptoms

Is it a stiff muscle? A stiff joint? 

Is your body not used to running on pavement vs. the treadmill? Are you doing the wrong exercises?

Where should your time & energy be focused for maximum relief? How should you be doing certain exercises or manual techniques to help yourself lessen the pain? These are just some of the common things that we'll provide clarity on when we help you so you never have to deal with your pain again. Unlike other medical providers, we'll fix the cause of your injury and not just your symptoms.

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Hear From Happy Focus Patients About How TeleHealth Was Able To Help Them Get Back To Pain Free Life!

Who Is This NOT For?

*Anyone hoping to be prescribed meds or referred to someone for a "miracle procedure"

*Anyone not willing to work at helping yourself

*Anyone only looking for generic Google exercises or YouTube videos

*Being pain free is not a priority to you