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STOP Doing This Neck Stretch!

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We wanted to go over some ways in which you shouldn't stretch your neck because it's causing more wear and tear than you might realize. The first one is going to be a neck circle. The neck circles end up causing a lot of nerve compression in your neck and cause some damage and issues. A better stretch is going to be to work on going ear to shoulder and then looking down at your shoulder and then just gently pulling your head forward. You're going to feel it all the way from the bottom of your skull into your shoulder blade. This is a great one to really stretch out the neck and the upper shoulders. You can do this on both sides - holding for about 30 seconds.

The next one is going to be a chin tuck and by doing this is you're basically giving yourself a double chin. You're just going to tuck the chin back and you should feel a little bit of a stretch at the base of your skull. This is going to really help allow a better posture and help keep some of those headaches away too!

Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Dr Brad Conder

Dr Brad Conder

Dr. Brad Conder is the owner of Focus Physical Therapy. He is board-certified in orthopedic physical therapy and has been a practicing physical therapist for 12 years. Brad has experience in outpatients orthopedics, industrial onsite medicine, hospital physical therapy, and home health physical therapy. Brad got his physical therapy degree from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and his doctorate in physical therapy from Regis University in 2007. Dr Conder’s primary experience is in outpatient orthopedics, and he has a particular interest in manual physical therapy, including dry needling, Maitland style manual techniques, and industrial onsite medicine.
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