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Man holding his back in pain because of sciatica

Are You Suffering From Sciatica In The Prospect Area?

Are you from Prospect and experiencing these symptoms?

  • You have lower back pain
  • You have burning or tingling down the leg
  • You have a constant pain on one side
  • You’re not able to do certain activities because of your pain
  • You ignored your pain and hoped it would get better
  • You’ve tried generic stretches only to find your sciatica has worsened
  • You’ve been taking medication to mask your ongoing pain 

Your Sciatica Pain Should Be A Priority

If you’re in and around the Prospect area and you’re looking for help with your Sciatica contact us at Focus PT.

You should never suffer in silence, we know how to manage your pain and get you back to feeling like your old self.

Physical Therapy can help you say goodbye to sciatica.  

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What Can You Do To Ease Your Sciatica Pain Quickly In The Prospect Area?

Make a promise to yourself to get help, the pain isn’t going to get better on its own.

Start a daily routine of therapeutic stretches, don’t just find random stretches you need to do the right exercises for your specific pain. 

Make sure you are regularly moving throughout the day. One of the worst things you can do for sciatica is to be inactive. Take a short walk every day just to keep your body active. 

Get physical therapy. The standout and scientifically proven way to treat sciatica is with effective physical therapy. 

woman getting physical therapy for her sciatica

Here At Focus PT, We Can help Get Rid Of Your Sciatica

Are you ready to say goodbye to sciatica?

Get in touch today if you’re in the Prospect area, we can help you get your life back.

Your journey to a pain free life is only a phone call away!

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