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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

Our Mission

Focus Physical Therapy's mission is to PUT YOU FIRST. Our main Focus is providing excellent patient care and improving the physical therapy experience.

Provide joy and comfort with personal, one-on-one connections.

Help clients to live the pain free lives they all deserve.


Our Vision

To be a proactive physical therapy company that challenges the healthcare norm of high volume and treatments, guided by insurance. Focus Physical Therapy's primary strengths are the commitment to customer service and clinical excellence. Physical therapy visits are all one-on-one, and top level clinical expertise is expected. This is achieved through the dedication to constant learning and growth by Focus Physical Therapy team members.


Focus Physical Therapy is dedicated to putting clients first. Ideal physical therapy is focused on one-on-one attention, provided by highly trained and motivated staff. Physical Therapists provide the best and most cost effective treatment for musculoskeletal conditions. Our mission is to improve overall health, as a trusted partner of the community.

Patient Testimonials

CORE Values

  1. Over the Top Service
  2. Value Faith, Family, and Friends

  3. Lifelong Learning and Growth

  4. Spread Joy and Happiness, One Person at a Time

  5. Anticipate Unstated Needs

  6. Fun and Positive Team Spirit

  7. Be Passionate and Humble

  8. Consistently Attentive to the Needs of Staff and Those We Serve

  9. Be Adventurous and Creative

  10. Honesty and Transparency at All Times