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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

January 2021 – Issue 22


We wanted to walk you through what to expect during your scoliosis evaluation on your first day, to give you an idea of what you can expect.


We’ll start off by talking about when your scoliosis diagnosis was confirmed. This includes going over your x-rays and your x-ray reports, your cob angles (the angles of the curve that is given to you during your x-rays), then we’ll take some pictures of you in all four positions so that we can look at your posture from the front, from both sides and from the back. These photos are a really great great way to see the improvement in your curve and your posture as we go through the program.


Then we’ll take measurements of your thoracic kyphosis curve and your lumbar lordosis curve to make sure that those are in a correct range so that they’re not progressing either. 


After that, we’ll go through and we’ll take a measurement of the rotational component of the scoliosis. Your scoliosis is a three-dimensional motion, so the cob angle measures your side bending and then the ATR measurement goes through your rotation, which is basically where you can see the increased prominence either in your low back or your front side. This tells us the degree of three-dimensional rotation you have. 


Then we’ll go through and we’ll test your strength and your range of motion throughout your body to make sure that there aren’t areas that need to be worked on as well because the scoliosis can cause your hip to be higher, which can cause weakness through the hip. The same thing goes with the shoulders. We want to make sure that your shoulder blade motion and your shoulder blade strength is very strong to help with all of the exercises that we will be doing. 


From there, we go through your posture and we take a look in the mirror. We will assess where you need to correct your hip level and your shoulders so that we can bring your spine into alignment. Then, depending on how much time we have left, we will go through some strengthening exercises for your hips and your shoulders.


We’ll get started by working on posture but laying on your side with your diaphragmatic breathing, which is something else we will go over!


We hope this helps you! We look forward to working together!