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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

November 2020 – Issue 20


One of the first steps when addressing a new problem is finding the cause. This will give you and your doctor a rough idea of what’s going on, what to avoid and what to modify. I want to walk you through the four most common causes of foot ankle and heel pain.

One of the most common causes of foot, ankle and/or heel pain is plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis, as well as chronic issues like ankle sprains.

Now, the specifics of these problems are a little bit more detailed and something I will cover on a person-to-person basis, depending on what the issue is. These issues are all so different, so you need an expert like myself to be able to figure out what’s causing your problems. This way you can know exactly what you’re dealing with and address it appropriately.

The second most common cause is chronic pain and chronic issues. This means that if you’ve had an ankle sprain and you’ve done it multiple times in your life, that’s going to cause multiple foot and ankle problems. 

As far as multiple ankle sprains, this is going to cause instability in your foot and ankle. Well, this is possibly going to cause other problems like plantar fasciitis! It’s a big cycle of negativity that you get stuck into if you’ve had multiple issues throughout your life. 

The third most important cause is overuse or fatigue. The cause of these problems for most people is called overuse fatigue syndrome. For example, if you stand for eight hours straight at work, if you’ve been walking for two or three miles a day and it’s new to you, if you’ve been trying to run, etc., all of those things are actually postural fatigue issues!

When we think about posture, we think about the neck and low back, but your feet can have fatigue issues as well as a result of too much standing, too much walking or too much running. 

Lastly, your shoe wear is very, very important when it comes to human beings and being able to stand and walk. Some of the first things that I look at with any foot and ankle issue is your shoe wear. 

I always tell people that, as human beings, we were able to tolerate going barefoot all the time and going through life without any shoe wear in the distant past. Since we live so much longer now, ligaments of the foot and ankle get tight because of all the things we do! This means excessive standing, running and walking. 

Shoe wear inserts orthotics can be one of those things that you have to end up doing because if you don’t naturally have that support in your feet, you can’t tolerate an 8 hour day job where you’re standing all day or you’re trying to walk for two or three miles a day to get healthy.