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May 2020 – Issue 14






How We Can Help You With TeleHealth?

Maggie Flynn

Virtual Telehealth PT visits are helping hundreds of people in Kentucky get back on track, while in the comfort of their homes.

Although our doors have now officially re-opened, we understand practicing caution during these uncertain times. Because of this, we will be offering telehealth options as a continued service at Focus PT.

Through resources like these, we can ensure that you’re as pain free from home PT as you would be after having your body worked on manually.

The way digital therapy works is simple! Through the use of IntakeQ and/or Zoom, we walk through your appointments the same way we would in person. First, we take you through a variety of tests to see where your problems are coming from. From there, we work together through exercises, stretches, self-care, workout modifications, whatever we need to do to get you back to a place of comfort. Although we can’t manually work with you, whether through dry needling, massage, etc, we can still provide you the same relief and results you need by taking advantage of numerous other techniques. For example, we’ve trained in a new technique called ‘Total Motion Release.” We will be utilizing this to make our telehealth services that much more useful to patients. This is a physical therapy technique that will translate fantastically over video and help our patients tremendously.


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Addicted To Dry Needling?

One of the reasons I started this company was to give people a more individualized and personal touch in their physical therapy. I wanted patients to get one-on-one treatment and one-on-one attention. When that happens though, we end up doing a lot of manual therapy, like dry needling, and patients become slightly addicted to it. There are cases out there where maybe it’s been the only thing we’ve been able to do to make someone feel better, and that’s perfectly okay. Despite this, I wanted to bring this up because if you don’t get to have any treatment for two or three months, I don’t want anyone to be stuck in a situation where they’re so dependent on one thing that they feel like they can’t have improvement for an extended period of time.

If you’re having problems, don’t wait. It’s going to be much harder to come back. We can still do a lot of great things via TeleHealth and maintain or create your healthiest self.

We’ve had great success with our telehealth patients. Working through exercises, stretches, self-care, workout modifications, and more, we can really follow through on our promise to make sure you are healthy, happy, confident, and always well taken care of.



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