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What To Do With Your Extra Hour of Sunlight

Typically, after you’ve gotten off work, it’s dark, it’s cold, and you just want to snuggle under a blanket and watch the Hallmark channel. This Sunday though, we were blessed with an extra hour of sun! It’s hard resist bundling up and taking advantage of the extra daylight! While we’re waiting for spring to arrive, here are some ways you can take advantage of Daylight Savings Time!

Get the family together and go on a walk or a bike ride!

You’d be surprised by how good you can feel while enjoying the outdoors in the early evening. The sun is going down, the air is starting to cool, and the hardships of your long work day are behind you. After dinner, get the dogs, get your family together, and go on a nice walk! Or you can grab your bikes and go on a ride! No matter how you decide to enjoy the outdoors, take advantage of the changing weather and the bright, fun, long evenings! You won’t regret it!

Have a barbecue

Having longer hours of sunlight is a perfect excuse to invite friends over and have a barbecue! More sun means more time to sit outside and catch up! Grab your favorites and wheel out the grill! You’ll have to bundle up a bit for another month or two, but enjoying time outside is always worth it! (Until spring has sprung, take advantage of your outdoor heaters and fire pits)!

Watch the sunset

This is something we can easily take for granted! Yes, we see sunsets most nights. Despite that, it’s different when you go out with the sole intention of watching it. Find a nice spot, grab a blanket, a warm drink, and watch the setting sun paint the sky. There are different Louisville spots you can scope out that will give a perfect view, unlike a backyard or seat in a car (try checking it out from the Waterfront Bridge or Crescent Hill Reservoir). Now that we have more sun, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the hours after our long days. 

Take photos

What do you enjoy? Sports? Your dog? Nature walks? Grab your camera and have fun photographing what you love! It’s easy to feel like your day is over once the sun goes down. Now that we’re starting to get a little more time though, get outside and take advantage! Immerse yourself in what you love, find a new hobby, take pictures and make some memories! Go exploring and take pictures of the leaves, a lake, your feet in the grass, anything! If you can find one, take a polaroid camera with you! 

We hope you enjoy the extra bit of sun we all got this Sunday. Let us know if you end up taking part in one of these fun outdoor activities!

If activities like these have been difficult to enjoy as a result of physical pain, one of our dedicated and qualified physical therapists will be happy to listen to your story and answer all your questions. Physical therapy is the fastest, most effective way to getting back to health. We want you to feel your happiest and healthiest, while doing the things you love.