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Should I Have Pain When I Exercise?

Exercises can be uncomfortable and they probably should be uncomfortable a little bit, as far as pushing yourself and getting you to where you’re actually making some changes in how you feel. Pushing your muscles and pushing your joints should provide some discomfort.
Despite that, there are definitely cases where you should not hurt! Some of the biggest things that I will tell people to look out for when working out is sharp pain, shooting pain and severe pain. This sounds simple but those things are not normal. They can happen though and it doesn’t need to limit you from continuing doing what you need to do. Part of it is that your body needs to get used to it!
This weekend I had some back problems myself! I was doing this new workout and my back was tweaked a little bit afterwards. I went home, I did my exercises, I iced it and continued to do it next time with modifications.
I always say that the alternative is not better.
It’s not better to not exercise and not be healthy, so my main suggestion is that if you are having sharp, shooting pain that is new and you’re not sure what’s going on, don’t quit! Maybe modify or change things! Make sure to talk to a personal trainer, coach someone that’s helping you through this. Don’t be afraid to seek medical advice from your doctor or ask a physical therapist! That’s what we’re here for. You don’t always need a full plan of physical therapy but we’re here as a resource to help you through this process. If you do need therapy, of course, we’re here to do that too. That’s why we offer those free visitis.
The main thing is to act early. Don’t let it go and don’t stop. Don’t let it be a barrier between you actually getting healthy.