At Focus Physical Therapy, we don’t believe in taking gambles when it comes to your health and wellness. We understand the unease we all inevitably feel when committing to something new or unfamiliar. We want our clients to be comfortable with their decision to receive Focus care! Therefore, we offer a completely free Discovery Session when first visiting the clinic! We won’t trick you with hidden fees, there’s no co-pay, no bill down the line – our Discovery Visits are completely free. In other words, everyone’s first time in a Focus clinic is complementary!

During these Discovery Visits, we sit down with you, one-on-one, listen to your story, examine you, answer any questions you have, and we let you know what’s going on and what can be done to alleviate it.

Our goal as physical therapists is to take people back to a life they’re comfortable living. Living in pain doesn’t have to be your reality. There’s a significant difference between pain toleration and pain relief. Once you’ve experienced the difference, you will have a lot more comfortable of a life.

We all deserve a chance to test the waters before committing to something. Fill out the form below to setup your visit today.