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Check Out These Healthy KY Eateries!

Finding a bite to eat that’s both tasty and healthy can be surprisingly tough. You want to eat well, but it can be difficult to follow through! With out fast paced lives, we don’t always have time to prepare our meals. Not only that, who doesn’t love to eat out every once in a while?! Healthy meals out are tough to find, but they are out there. Here are a few Kentucky eats we recommend that will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free!


Heart and Soy / Roots

From an interview with louisville.com, the owner of both Heart and Soy and Roots, says that the purpose of her restaurant is to, “keep people healthy.” Not only are her dishes all vegetarian and vegan, but she makes her own tofu- fresh and organic! Owning the only tofu-manufacturing machine in Louisville, this is the freshest tofu you can get!

“Her tofu machine — a stainless-steel, computerized system about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle — grinds soybeans into milk, coagulates it into curds, then presses the curds into tofu. She buys her beans from London, Ohio, and at least once a week churns out about 1,000 pounds of tofu. “I found out the soy grown in Kentucky has too many chemicals and is only good for animals,” she told me. “I don’t want chemicals. We sell fresh, organic tofu.” (louisville.com, Lou).

With your meal, you can enjoy a variety of warm teas in either these unique and healthy eateries. Both Heart and Soy and Roots, are definitely worth the stop if you’re looking for a tasty meal, rich in health benefits.



Panera Bread

Although we’re all familiar with the many delicious types of bagels and pastries that Panera Bread supplies, they actually have a pretty healthy menu! Not everything on the menu is the healthiest choice, but there are still options available when you come here and want to be healthy.

Enjoy a warm soup, fresh salad, or a tasty sandwich, and feel guilt free. When you pay attention to calorie listings or the different ingredients in what you’re ordering, making the healthy choice quickly becomes habit.

Check out their menu HERE!


The Weekly Juicery

The Weekly Juicery is where you go when you’re in the mood for an organic, refreshing pick-me-up! Not only are juices and smoothies delicious, but they do wonders for your health. Full of key nutrients, The Weekly Juicery will fill you up and leave you feeling good.  

“In addition to cold-pressed juices, we’ve added fresh smoothies, juice cleanses, shots and raw foods to our lineup.

Most importantly, this year we certified organic with the USDA!  Our products are made with 100% organic produce. Period. No conventional substitutions.  This is one of the most important and meaningful milestones we’ve achieved to date. It supports my mission of making the highest quality, potent juices available.  We’re also supporting the growth of local, organic farming in our region through contracts with local USDA Certified Organic farms. We shift all our purchasing to our local partners during the growing season. It take a lot of people to make great juice. We have the best team ever!” (theweeklyjuicery.com)



Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen

Salad is a go to when trying to maintain a healthy diet. It’s excellent for your health and the possibilities are endless when it comes to different combinations of ingredients. It can be hard to keep up with daily meal prep though. Not only that, but sometimes you want to go out to eat! Why not stop by Vinaigrette Salad Kitchen? Grab a delicious, fresh salad, or a warm soup or sandwich!

You can go out to eat and not leave feeling bad about it! Why not start here?




Nothing can make us feel quite as refreshed as a smoothie can. Check out all of the advantages to stopping into LIFEbar for a fruity treat!

“Our Produce:

We use only organic produce and locally procured when possible. Supporting local, organic farmers is vital to our core beliefs. We understand that local, organic farmers are better for the environment we love so much.

Cold-pressed Juices:

Our juices are crafted on masticating, cold-pressed juicers to ensure that all nutrients are intact and contain active enzymes. Never heating or pasteurizing them.


The quality of ingredients is not left behind in the juicer. We use the highest quality organic ingredients in our smoothies as well. We love superfoods, whole fruits, plant-based protein with nothing but the necessary components in it. The Vitamix blender is our best friend, and greatest tool for creamy consistency.

Bottled Drinks:

We offer raw, organic, fruity tonics and creamy nut milks that provide decadent flavor and vital nutrients.

Prepared Dishes:

In addition to meals and snacks you can sip, LIFEbar now offers food dishes as well! Serving both savory and sweet items that are plant-based and jam packed with nutrients! (https://www.thelifebar.com/pages/why-lifebar)


That’s a tasty start! There are so many healthy eats out there! It’s very possible to eat out and leave feeling as good as you did when you walked in. By using the tools you have around you, and paying more attention to nutrition facts, you can live the healthy lifestyle you work so hard to maintain. Not only does a healthy diet go hand-in-hand with your exercise regime, but it also helps to alleviate daily aches and pains. Make your habits count!

If you’re still unsure about how to tackle daily aches and pains, why not give us a call and tell us about your situation. One of our dedicated and qualified physical therapists will he happy to listen to your story and answer all your questions. Physical therapy is the fastest, most effective way to getting back to health. We encourage you to make the change! We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to feel your best!

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