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Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

Be a crew of pirates!!!

This one might seem difficult, but it’s really very easy. To make a good crew, you’re going to need old clothes. Gather the clothes, step on them with dirty shoes, cut them up, throw them in the yard, do whatever you have to do to make them look dirty and worn out. With some creativity and maybe a few props from the dollar store, you’ve got an easy and fun pirate costume ready for Halloween! 



This involves running to Walmart or Amazon, but it’s cheap, warm, and can be worn more than once! Now-a-days, you can find a onesie of anything – any animal, any creature, anything. Want to be chewbacca, a panda, a unicorn? There’s a onesie for that. Most costumes are worn once or twice, so it’s hard to commit to buying an expensive one. Onesies can be worn year round though! Warm, comfy, super cute, and a perfect Halloween costume!


Be each other!

If the Halloween Party is in a few hours and you and your family spaced on costumes, don’t worry! There’s a silly solution that actually works and makes for a really fun Halloween – 

switch clothes! Put the dog in the baby’s outgrown clothes, sister be dad, mom dress like brother! It sounds silly, but it’s actually a lot of fun. Without being insulting, trying to replicate your family member or friends makes for an unforgettable holiday. You’re dressing up and taking on a new persona, so it works as a costume! If you happen to do this with friends or family, be sure to share photos with us!!



If you’re crafty and motivated to get a nice costume done in a few days time, it’s very possible! Either run to the store for supplies, or look around your house. 

Have an excessive amount of toilet paper lying around? BOOM – mummy! Old, white sheets in the closet? Cut out holes for the eyes and you’ve got a ghost! Those are really simple routes to take though. With a red dress you don’t mind decorating a bit, cover it in different size black circles and make pipe cleaner antennae – there’s a ladybug! With a white dress, blonde wig, and red lipstick – Marilyn Monroe! If you’re looking to keep your family and/or pet costumes similar, that can still be accomplished here! It’ll just take a little creativity! You’d be surprised how easy it can be to put together good costumes with what you already have at home! A good starting place is deciding what you’d like to be. With your different ideas, run around the house looking for supplies. If this doesn’t work, you’re going to have to make something solely based on what you have. If your kids have uniforms from sports, there’s a costume right there! Add some fake blood and they’re a zombie baseball player! With a little creativity, you can achieve really neat and simple costumes this year.


Good luck, be safe, and have fun!!


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