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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

Addicted To Dry Needling?

Are you a Manual Therapy & Dry Needling addict?

Although there’s nothing wrong with relying on manual therapy for your pain relief, we want to get our patients to a place where they aren’t relying on seeing their PT’s weekly to feel pain free.

During a time like this COVID-19 quarantine, we don’t want our patients to be in pain. Through resources like TeleHealth, we want to ensure that you’re as pain free from home PT as you would be after having your body worked on manually.

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First off, we want to thank our entire Focus Family for supporting us throughout the years. As we grow and change as a business, your continued support is what keeps us going. We are blessed to be able to help countless individuals rediscover their pain free lives.

With our growth comes new obstacles, new accomplishments, new goals, and new locations! 

On September 30th, our Highlands clinic is officially RELOCATING! The first in our string of now five locations, we are closing our doors at Distillery Commons. We are happy to announce that we will be moving our practice to The Mellwood Art and Entertainment Center!

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Customized Physical Therapy Can Ease Lower Back Pain

Customized physical therapy may be a useful way to ease low back pain, which affects an estimated 31 million Americans a new study says. Researchers from La Trobe University observed that ‘many patients with low-back disorders persisting beyond 6 weeks do not recover.’

Six weeks is ample for a qualified Physical Therapist to begin diagnose your problem and start you on a program to ease your lower back pain.  But of course you have to get started.