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School / Work Lunch Tricks

We’re back in the full swing of school which means SCHOOL LUNCHES! Whether you hurriedly throw them together before you son or daughter have to run to the bus, or you take your time to put together a lunch while you watch Property Brothers before bed, we all strive to give our kids the healthiest, tastiest lunches we can – while trying to calculate the best way to keep them fresh by lunchtime!

We want to help you make the most out of your school (or work) lunches. It can be really tough to keep lunches healthy when you’re in a rush. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that!

  1. Make extra dinner and put the leftovers in containers! 
    • This is an easy fix to the problem of nasty, quickly whipped together lunches. Put in all the time and effort you need while making dinner the night before, and then put your leftovers into a container! This eliminates the fallback on packaged, processed foods, or thrown together lunches that your don’t always enjoy. It also ensures you’ll have the time to put the time to plan healthier options.
  2. Ask your kids what they’d like!
    • Not sure what to make your kids for lunch? Just ask! Chances are you’ll be able to take what it is they’d prefer and put a healthy spin on it. School lunch doesn’t have to be PB & J everyday. That’s how lunches end up being thrown out or traded! Find out what they want and put in the time to make it special and healthy! Or, if what they’d prefer isn’t exactly on the healthier side, include healthy side dishes and snacks! Everybody wins!
  3. Meal Prep
    • This is probably the easiest way to eliminate the rush to prepare lunch in the morning, while also keeping it healthy – meal prep! This makes a lot more sense if you’re an adult bringing lunch to work everyday, but it can work for school lunches as well! Make a large batch of chicken, pasta, soup, etc. at the beginning of the week. While keeping them correctly preserved throughout the week, just pull one out and slip it in your child’s lunchbox! As long as they’ve got access to a microwave at school, this makes school lunch a breeze!
  4. Get on Amazon! ACCESSORIZE! 
    • Stores like Amazon are PACKED with different accessories for out of home lunches! Lunch Boxes that keep things cold, thermoses that keep things hot, containers that make packing lunch easy and efficient, and more! As more neat ways to preserve food are sold, there are more options for your work or school lunch! Take advantage of what’s out there!
  5. Have your desk STOCKED!
    • When you’ve got salt, pepper, sriracha, or garlic powder, the world is your oyster! Keep your desk full of your favorite seasonings and sauces and you really will spice up your work lunch game. If your child is old enough that they’re given a locker, give them they’re favoring seasoning to leave in there! Just make sure it doesn’t require refrigeration! This trick will ensure you’ve always got the tools to keep your work or school lunches tasty.