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How To Get In Exercise At A Desk Job!


A lot of us know the struggle: we want to be active, but our job involves sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week. When your work doesn’t involve a lot of physical activity, it can be more difficult to maintain your ideal weight. You can workout after work, but that doesn’t change the fact that you’ve been sedentary for 8 hours all day! Luckily, there are changes you can make to your daily, in-office routine that can add a lot more physical activity to your work week. Check out some of our suggestions below!


Sit On An Exercise Ball!

Switching out your desk chair for an exercise ball has a lot of benefits. An exercise ball is a great way to promote stretching throughout your day and keep from slouching. Not only is it excellent for your posture, but it also helps to strengthen your core! With those positive benefits, you also burn calories through bouncing on the ball throughout the day!


Take The Stairs!

Whenever you can take the stairs – take the stairs! Getting in extra movement wherever you can adds up more than you realize! 


Walk When You Can!

Instead of making a call to another department, instead of eating lunch at your desk, instead of spending your break at your desk and on your phone, GET UP! Walk whenever you can, wherever you can! Just like taking the stairs, these extra steps add more to your day than you might think!


Use A Stand Up Desk!

Stand up desks are a great option if you don’t feel comfortable using exercise balls. Folding up and out of your desk, stand up desks allow you to have the option between standing or sitting through your work day; standing being, of course, better for you than sitting. These desks promote better posture, stretching, and more movement! If you want, you can even walk in place while you work! 


Take A Break!

It’s okay to get up, move around a bit, and refresh throughout your days in the office! You can be a hard worker and still get up here and there! Stretch, take a quick walk, do a couple sets of sit ups! You can fit in some physical activity if you really make the effort to do so! 


How do you fit in physical activity into your work week? Let us know!