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You Have To Check Out These Health Tracking Apps!

Are You Keeping Track?

We all love our phones, our iWatches, anything with a screen – we’re all hooked! And why shouldn’t we be? No matter what your opinion may be on the subject, it’s hard to deny that the convenience and entertainment it provides is pretty incredible. So incredible that you can even track your calories, exercise and MORE!

We want to show you the multitude of apps and tools you can take advantage of to digitize your health journey. Keeping track of your progress in the palm of your hand is going to make things a lot more convenient.

Unless your gym or fitness provider suggests a specific company app or program, check out these nifty health apps!

After making accounts on each app and using them throughout the day, here’s what we thought!

My Fitness Pal

If you need a place to count your calories, stick to a calorie intake limit, and track your exercise, this is the app for you! One of the top health apps out there, this has it all! It keeps all of your info in one place and is definitely a tool worth taking advantage of. Like our other apps listed, it can be connected to other devices (like your iWatch).

This app specifically, being one of the best, definitely has a much broader spectrum of integration capabilities.

Lose It

Lose It and My Fitness Pal are both popular health apps to use. With most fitness apps and online programs, you give your current weight, your target weight, and when you’d like it hit that target. Lose It is great because of its clear breakdown of your goal.

Lose It has a surprisingly large library of restaurant dishes and foods, making your calorie intake easily and correctly recorded and monitored. Not only that, but Lose It is great to look at. It takes the grueling and tough task of calorie tracking a little more pleasant, with illustrations of your foods. You can even take your own photos!

This app is definitely a personal favorite!

My Fitness Pal and Lose It are often compared to each other. Overall: My Fitness Pal is a bit more connected and Lose It is nicer to look at. They’re both very useful and work well. All give tips, food suggestions, track progress, and help you hit your goals!

Lifesum: Diet and Macro Tracker

Lifesum is a good choice if you want something in between My Fitness Pal and Lose It. With a wide variety of tasty recipes to choose from, helpful tips, calorie and fitness tracking, helpful progression graphs, and more, Lifesum is a hands on way to take control of your food intake and your overall health.


Noom is another popular choice when it comes to online health logging. Unlike Lose It and My Fitness Pal, Noom really focuses on you.This app helps you to track your progress and monitor your habits, but it’s more focused on helping you with the process.

Changing or maintaining your habits is tough.There are so many outside factors involved that make sticking to a diet a hard task. This app gives you one-on-one health coaching and tracks your diet and exercise. It isn’t based around numbers, scores, or notifications. It’s based on helping you make lifelong changes.

Those are our top picks in fitness apps! These are all similar in most ways, as they all serve the same purpose and use similar tools, but their differences make it easy to go through each and see what works best for you and your needs.