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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

February Offer!

This month, we are offering the chance to win a car (mostly a $25 Starbucks gift card… but kind of a car too…) to anyone who leaves us a review on Facebook!


We are always looking for new ways to interact with and give to the Focus Family. We usually like to do this through exclusive offers and free visits! As we’ve offered our fair share of free visits lately, we wanted to shake things up!

This month, all you have to do to win a big prize is REVIEW US ON FACEBOOK! That way, you gain access to all of our monthly offers and giveaways. What is this “big prize” you might ask?

If you review us on Facebook, you could win a CAR!!! With a beautiful, bright yellow, plastic exterior, gorgeous plastic interiors, and sick plastic rims, this hot rod has everything you need to drive in style *cough* remotely. A name will be chosen at random on March 1st and given the keys (remote control) to this small, plastic, (actually a toy), dream. That along with a $25 gift card to Starbucks!

What have you got to lose? It’s free coffee AND a free car!