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The Benefits Of Volunteering At Your Local Animal Shelter


Anytime you and your family can volunteer ANYWHERE – DO IT. Your local food bank, parks, greenhouses, Habitat For Humanity, the list is endless! 


Have you ever thought about taking your kids to the local animal shelter though? We typically associate animal shelters strictly with adoption, but volunteering is just as important! Most of the money animal shelters take in goes straight to the animals, so people stopping in to volunteer makes all the difference. Taking dogs on walks, playing with the animals, helping with feedings, every little thing helps! With March comes National Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month, and holidays like, Respect Your Cat Day, National Puppy Day, and Cuddly Kitchen Day! If that’s not motivation enough to stop in and help your local shelter kitties and pups, here are five reasons why you would benefit from volunteering with an Animal Shelter!


1.Helping Animals In Need!

This one goes with any organization you’re helping out. You have to WANT to help the people, pets, and places in need. The pets in shelters are in need of a lot that you and your family can give them through volunteering. You’re helping to provide LOVE, attention, and the important basic care that these animals need. The ability to provide an animal with a happy afternoon outdoors, close attention that they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, time spent playing with their favorite toys, or a newly cleaned pen – these things go a long way.

2. Hands On Experience With Pets! 

If you’re a family who’s thinking about bringing home a furry friend, working at a shelter is a perfect way to gain experience. Shelters give your kids a chance to clean up after animals, take them on walks, and manage the many responsibilities that come with pet ownership. Not only is volunteering a good way to feel out pet ownership BEFORE bringing home your new best friend, but you can foster animals too! This isn’t only a great “test run” for your family, but it’s fantastic for the animal to be able to wait for their forever home with you, rather than in a pen. 

3. Making Friends!

Volunteering is a great way to make friends, no matter where you do it. Animal shelters specifically are a great way for animal lovers to meet other animal lovers. Through adoption events and day-to-day volunteering, it’s easy to meet people who could become your (or your kids) new best friends! If you decide to volunteer with your entire family, this will also be an incredible bonding experience for all of you! It’s great to go out and do things like this TOGETHER.

4. Making A Difference 

You’re making a difference in a lot of lives by volunteering at an animal shelter. Not only your own (which we’ll get into in the next point), but those of the shelter staff, the families who will adopt from the shelter, AND THE ANIMALS! Shelter staff love when they’ve got extra hands. Any extra help these busy people can get is always appreciated! The animals you’re there with get so much out of your being there. Even a pat on the head or a quick game of catch will make their days significantly better. The families who will adopt from the shelters will gain a lot too, as you kept their new best friend happy, safe, and taken care of.

5. It’s Great For YOUR Health Too!

Volunteering anywhere is incredible for your mental, emotional, and physical health. This fact aside, animal shelters in particular can significantly aid in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Not only will being around these animals help you to feel great (who doesn’t love dog cuddles), but you’ll actually be aiding in reducing the animal’s stress too! After being in a cramped pen all day, being taken on a walk or played with by you and your family will make a massive difference in the animal’s wellbeing.  


Whether you decide to volunteer at an animal shelter or a food kitchen, it’s extremely beneficial for you and for the organization you choose. Your family will benefit from it (guaranteed), and you’ll be doing a great thing.


If you have an organization you’re passionate about, let us know! 


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