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Quick and Healthy Dinner Ideas

Putting together a healthy dinner after a tiring and long day of work can be a pain.


It’s so easy to buy a pizza in under a minute on your phone, but getting rid of those calories isn’t as quick. Once you start a habit that makes you feel good and further helps with your journey into healthy living, it’ll be hard to stop – no matter how tired you are after work. Despite that desire and habit of eating healthy, it helps to have quick and easy meal ideas when you’re tired and it’s easier to get a pizza or cook up some macaroni. 


Check out some of our ideas for quick and easy meals – all very good for you. We’re going to keep these simple, as there are a lot of personal twists you can put on them based on your personal preferences.


Make A Quick Salad!

We all know that salad is the ultimate “good for you meal.” It doesn’t take long to make though and can be really tasty if you have the right ingredients! When you have the right veggies and protein available, you’ve got a nice salad in a few minutes! You can even get your greens pre-mixed at the store! Pre-chopped veggies for salad can also be purchased at the store, so tossing up a quick salad doesn’t have to take long at all!


Stir Fry!

Stir fry is delicious and you can do so much with it. Whether you like sweet, spicy, rice, noodles, beef, chicken, shrimp, broccoli, peppers – THROW IT IN! Stir fry is good for you (depending on how you make it) and doesn’t take much time. Take your favorite veggies, favorite protein, cook it up, and you’re ready for an easy, healthy dinner!


Cook Up Some Salmon!

Salmon is a great source of protein and excellent for losing or maintaining weight. It’s hard to mess it up too. Cook up a quick side of veggies, let your salmon cook on the stove for a few minutes, and then it’s done. Salmon and veggies are an easy and quick meal that you can do a lot with. It’s never the same meal because there are so many things you can do with salmon.

If you’re not the biggest salmon fan, have beef and veggies or chicken! As long as you cook your protein all the way through, these don’t have to be difficult or time consuming foods to put together!


Dinner Smoothie!

If you really want to have something quick, tasty, and healthy, MAKE A SMOOTHIE! The internet is full of different recipes that only take a few minutes to blend. This is a great fallback if you really have zero desire to cook yourself a fancy dinner after a long day, but don’t want to cheat on your diet because you’re exhausted.


We hope this quick, tasty ideas make your after work dinners a breeze!