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Need Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas? We’ve Got You Covered!

Last year, we hooked you up with a handful of last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts. If it gets down to it, you can find that post HERE.


Since we’ve got a bit of time to plan, here are a couple more Valentine’s ideas for your sweetheart on the 14th!


1. A Donut Bouquet, Balloons, Flowers, a Teddy! 

There’s nothing wrong with going all out with the mush! Through ‘Harry & David’ you actually can get a bouquet of donuts! If your Valentine isn’t a big donut fan, they make so many cool baskets and bouquets. Cheese and crackers, cookies, fruit, candy, variety packs, you name it! Have fun on the 14th, giving your SO all the spoils they deserve!


2. A Photo

A photo of you and your Valentine, or your whole family, is always a sweet gift. That sounds simple, but there are so many interesting ways this can be done! There’s the classic framed photo, but then there’s also lockets, putting photos on pillows, canvases, phone cases, pieces of wood! Etsy is the place to go for things like this. Making a photo album is also a really nice gift to put together for someone!


3. Make it a surprise!

This takes a lot of planning, but it’s really worth it! Whether a scavenger hunt, keeping reservations a secret, or a surprise weekend getaway, nothing makes a person feel more special and loved than someone taking the time to plan out a special experience. If this isn’t your area, surprise your SO at work with flowers! Send lunch to them during work! There are little things you can do to surprise your SO and make them feel just as loved as a big surprise can.


4. Give it some thought!

The simplest things can be the most special. Think back to the early days of your relationship. Was there a special song? A favorite movie or restaurant? A forgotten tradition? Bring it back! Nostalgia can be a very powerful thing!


5. Put together something homemade! 

This isn’t as hard as it sounds! Get a nice photo, different colored paper, glue, and make a nice card! Grab a mason jar and fill it with 100 pieces of paper telling your Valentine all the reasons why you love them! Homemade gifts are always very special to receive 🙂


Hope this helps with ideas! Be sure to SPOIL your Valentine! 


Happy Valentine’s Day!