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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

August 2020 – Issue 17


Have You Started Having Knee Pain?

Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve been seeing a significant spike in knee pain cases.

Gyms are closed, so we’re exercising from home or outside a lot more.

We’ve been advised to visit with friends outside over a nice walk rather than sitting together inside.

We’re going stir crazy in our homes and starting new hobbies, like jogging outside.

We’re running around to keep up with our kids!

These are all recipes for knee problems!

We’re all walking about 10 times more than we’re used to! That’s a lot of new strain on our knees! With this increase in activity, we’ve seen a major spike in knee problems. Lucky for you though, we have a multitude of great resources to help our community overcome these new issues!

First, we have a multitude of free pain relief books and are going to be coming out with more over the next month! These can be found on our website at our specific pain pages – in this case, on our knee pain page. These range from extensive looks into the causes of knee pain, to the steps to take in order to BEAT knee pain! All you have to do is fill out a short form and your full ebook will be waiting for you in your inbox within minutes.

Second, we post new videos on our blog, YouTube channel and our social media pages every other week! This means stretches from Dr. Conder that will help your knees to feel better, answering of commonly asked questions (feel free to submit at any time) and helpful advice to walk you through your healing process. These resources are totally free and meant to help you whenever you or a loved one may need it. Pretty much access to a PT 24/7!

Lastly, we offer a wide range of services to help our community in any way we can. Not only do we offer free discovery sessions to all first time patients and anyone wanting more information about their condition, we also offer a free initial visit when doing TeleHealth! TeleHealth has become very significant in the time we’re living in now, as it gives us the opportunity to help patients from the comfort of their own homes. If you’re interested in any of these services, feel free to visit our website. Even if you just want a quick chat with a doctor over the phone, there’s a service for you as well, as we offer free phone consultations to anyone in need of a reliable and helpful conversation with a PT.

We hope you’re hanging in there and taking advantage of the resources that are out there. We want nothing but to help you be the best and most comfortable you you can be!



4 Ways to Beat Knee Arthritis and Torn Meniscus!

There’s some misinformation out there when you have a torn meniscus or arthritis. The very first thing is that everyone’s going to tell you that you can’t live your life without getting a torn meniscus or arthritis in your knees. The second time you’re misinformed is when you go to a doctor or a different specialist and they say, “well there’s nothing you can do.” This is very much not the truth. What I want to do is give you four ways that can start the process of beating your torn meniscus and arthritis.  

First thing’s first – I’m not going to cure either one of those problems, but there’s great research and I’ve had great experience with people that have had these issues and achieved pain-free lives again. Even though you have a torn meniscus and arthritis, you can be pain-free and do everything you want to do. The very first thing I always ask people is, “ do you know what makes it worse?”  Is it just walking? Is it upstairs? Is it downstairs? Does it hurt after you sit for a long period of time?  Those things actually give us a good clue of how to help you out because you want to try to either modify or avoid these things while you’re going through the recovery period. For example, some people will start walking for exercise and they will have knee pain but keep on pushing through it. That makes it worse! They get swelling, they get pain, they get frustrated and start a big loop.  You don’t want to have to stop exercise just because of this condition, but you do need to know what makes it worse. You need to be able to alter that to help you with having any pain and swelling that occurs.

The second thing is daily stretches. It’s a good start because really one of the main issues I find with most knee problems is that they don’t have full range of motion. They think they do, but they really don’t. The first one is knee stretches. A lot of times, people put their knee out flat and they can’t get it straight. Get your leg on a flat surface and do a real gentle hamstring stretch. Lean forward to stretch the back of your leg. This should feel good! Make sure to take a break after about 15 seconds, hold and repeat that three times. It’s a nice and easy exercise to start. The other one stretches the front of your leg. You’re going to lie on your bed with one leg hanging off the side. Let your leg hang and bend your knee. You want to be able to to bend your knee to get a stretch going in the front of your leg.  Both of these exercises should be relatively pain-free and actually make you feel better afterwards. You want to start doing this everyday. If it hurts – don’t do it. You’re going to want to talk to your therapist about that. 

The third thing is ice packs. Most people only use ice when it hurts. You really want to do it everyday. This not only controls your pain, it also controls your swelling. Most conditions have a lot of swelling that isn’t addressed as it should be – with daily ice. If you have arthritis and you like heat, you can still do that, but make sure you’re also doing ice to control the swelling. Swelling makes the knee weak and feel like it’s going to give out on you. This swelling and inflammation on the knee makes it less stable.  

The final recommendation to BEAT knee arthritis and torn meniscus is physical therapy. A lot of times, people don’t know what physical therapy can really do for a condition like this.  Whether it’s a kneecap problem, torn meniscus or arthritis, what I tell people is that the goal of physical therapy is to first of all get your full range of motion back. We can do a lot of hands-on treatment to make it feel looser right away. Then we’ll get it mechanically strong. Knees have to be able to hold your entire body up. You need to have the right area strengthened in order to keep up with this kind of constant pressure and stress.