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"Feeling Hopeless and Overlooked?"

Addicted To Dry Needling?

Are you a Manual Therapy & Dry Needling addict?

Although there’s nothing wrong with relying on manual therapy for your pain relief, we want to get our patients to a place where they aren’t relying on seeing their PT’s weekly to feel pain free.

During a time like this COVID-19 quarantine, we don’t want our patients to be in pain. Through resources like TeleHealth, we want to ensure that you’re as pain free from home PT as you would be after having your body worked on manually.

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How Sharing A Video Can Help Someone In Need

There’s a very simple way that we can be helping one another right now. That’s by taking advantage of something we all use daily – SOCIAL MEDIA!

During this difficult time of quarantining and limited contact, the utilization of social media is going to get us a long way.

We’re sharing multiple videos here every week. We hope to provide free and reliable information to as many people as we can about the physical issues that are arising due to the changes in our lifestyles.

Have a friend suffering from back pain due to their new “work from home” situation? Know someone whose knees are killing them because they’ve had to completely rework their workout routine? Send us their way!

We’re all in this together. Through social media, we can come together and really help each other.

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